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The Photographer

Behind The Photographs


My name is Emily Colhoun, and I am a Freelance Portrait and Documentary Photographer based in Lincolnshire. I use my own experiences and interests to influence and inspire all the work I creatively produce.

I engage with deep and meaningful context within my works, which I believe comes from a deep determination within me, to reflect equally as significant meaning that my subjects possess. I enjoy telling a story, with the main goals of such stories being one of significance, poignancy, and special to those that view it. 

I have created projects with community at its heart. I have captured the significant relationship between humans and animals. I have portrayed disabled access using my perspective of being a disabled individual. And I have a fondness for capturing the beauty of historical British architecture.

With many years of Photography study behind me, it is my hope to engage with my own photography projects in the future. I want to catch an idea that is fluttering within me, and physically capture that within the four walls of a photographic frame. It is my hope that in the future I shall produce photobooks of my works, which further induce the sense of my photos telling stories. I find it a humbling experience to find my fluttering thoughts as a permanent mark on a book, bound by the frame of a book. 

Currently, I work as a Marketing and Business Assistant at a small local business, which has given a platform in which to use my creative skills and academic background, and develop confidence, both professionally, and personally too. 


MA Photography - 2021

BA (Hons) Photography - 2020

Foundation Degree in Creative and Editorial Photography - 2019

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography – 2017

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