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Boundless Connections

Artist Statement

‘The therapeutic value of the powerful bond that we have with our companion animals is as boundless as every other aspect of the relationship’, (Anderson, 2008).

According to the UK Pet Charity PDSA, 50% of UK adults own a pet. Our Isle owns a mere fraction of affectionate companions, compared to the rest of the world. The act of owning a pet can teach us about responsibility, bereavement, budgeting and how to care for another living being. The most significant element of pet ownership is the benefits it can make to an individuals wellbeing, both mentally and physically. 


Based on my own admiration for this unique relationship, this project showcases a collection of intimate portraits, featuring different individual’s and their pets which is a visual representation of the powerful relationship they share together. 


While this project may be physically regarded as a representation of their relationship, Boundless Connections is also a symbolic portrayal of how our companion animals can bring benefits to us humans both physically and emotionally. The visual and physical connectivity of the human and animal captured within the photographs, becomes symbolic of their emotional connections that they share together. 

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